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Travelling to Others Countries

 “Al, have you ever gone to France?” Dino asked Alma when they were walking to the post office.

“France? Oh, never. Why do you ask me like that?”

“Actually, I will go to France next week.” Dino informed Alma about his planning.

“Wow… That’s great, Dino. How long have you been there then?”

“Hmmm… Maybe, I will be there about two weeks. My father will get his last postdoctoral examination.”

“Yeah, wish the best for your father, Din. Actually, I have big dream for going to France also. But, It is just a dream. I do not know when it will become the true dream.”

“Thank you, Al. I hope you will reach your dream for going to France next time.” Dino said to Alma while holding Alma’s hands.


“Alma… Alma…!” Dino called Alma while running to the library.

“What’s going on, Dino? Keep silent, please. This is a library.” Alma said to Dino by smaller noise.

“You will go to France. TBI Darmo Kali gives you a scholarship for joining the student exchange. I have gotten the info from the TBI’s director. Alma, your dream comes true.” Dino explained clearly to Alma.

“Ooh, my God. France? Are you sure?”

“I’m not lying.”


Alma went to France by aircraft. She met some wonderful places over there. The dreams came true because of her English very well. That dream about France was kept since she had gotten a nice dream in her sleeping. She believed that English is a must.

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