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The Meaning of The Behind Of Ice Heart

“Honey, do you still love me?,” said Atila on Shakar, the idol man who really cold lately
“Why do you ask that? Is there no other question? “, replied tartly Shakar
“I ask you because lately your attitude to me like ice. Sms, call and even an invitation to the event of my family always be forgotten. ”
“Oh, you know that I’m busy. I have to do a big project of my life “.
“I really understand. But, is the reply sms too difficult for you? “, said Atila with sullen faces.
“Ah, it’s been. I do not want to talk about it anymore. Dizziness…  and I hope you can understand me ”
Atila was silent and kept silent. Atila was just surprised to see Shakar be cold or even colder than snow in the north pole. There was never a case that shows that Shakar still loves Atila. However, Atila never understand its how to prove it. Atila just want to know, if Shakar still with the same with her or not. An incoming messages to Atila’s mobile phones later which reads:

Atila, never ask again about my feeling to you.
You have known that I’m not like the mostly men.

Atila was silent.

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