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My Great Dream for Hong Kong Summer Spectacular

Hong Kong Summer Spectacular is one of the great dreams in my life. Everybody knew that I never go to Hong Kong before. I just know about Hong Kong from internet, TV and others bloggers who ever came to that city.

Wonderful Prize from Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB)

HKTB is a team, which made to organize the contestants of Blogger Writing Contest of Hong Kong Summer Spectacular this year (2012). This team will select the best writing as the prize trip to Hong Kong for campaign the Hong Kong Summer Spectacular. The trip to Hong Kong (3 days (29-31 August 2012) will be given to  9 finalist (Indonesia, Thailand, China, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Korea Selatan and Taiwan) of bloggers who have been selected to be strugglers again to get the big prize is HK$200.000. How wonderful competition I think…!

Thanks to HKTB for this chance.

Therefore, I try to open my net book to write something as the sign that I will join that contest. I really know less about Hong Kong honestly. Because, I not ever go to Hong Kong. However, my dream always supports me to write everything I ever seen about Hong Kong, although those are just pictures from media. As you know, that I am just a Blogger, but I will not neglect this chance to keep my dream about Hong Kong.

My Great Dream For Hong Kong Summer Spectacular

Hong Kong is one of city, which has several wonderful things. Especially for the #HKSummerSpectacular, there are many places which so beautiful to visit over there. According to my experience in reading articles about Hong Kong, especially in summer, we can visit some places below:

The Museum Of Madame Tussaud Hong Kong

Madame Tussaud is the museum where we can enjoy several effigies over there. The effigies were made by wax. Those effigies are not the effigies impulsively. Why? Because the shape of those effigies are looks like the actors, scientist and the other great people in the world. Such as Albert Einstein, Elizabeth Queen, Jackie Chan, Michael Jackson and many others. We just spend about 100 – 180 HKD. It is so pity to ignore this museum in #HKSummer Spectaculer moments.

My Great Dream for Hong Kong Summer Spectacular

The Statue of Giant Buddha

My Great Dream for Hong Kong Summer SpectacularAs we know, most of the citizen of Hong Kong is Buddhism. Buddha is the symbol of their belief as the human. They believe that Buddha always help them in every kind of their activities. The height of Buddha Statue is about 34 meters and its weight is 250 tons. This statue was made for approximately ten years. This statue is the center of religion activity especially for Buddhism. This statue was made in giant form to collect the Buddhism in one area for praying. There six small statues were set in around of the giant Buddha. All of them are the symbol of Buddhism belief. I am sure that I just look like an ant if I stand beside that statue because I am not a tall woman.

Hong Kong Disneyland

Hmmm… Actually, I love cartoon Disney. When I was child, my beloved father always bought me the dolls of Disney, such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and the other characters of Disney. I also like to watch the movie in holiday. Disneyland is the other wonderful places in Hong Kong. That is why I expected to go to Disneyland in Hong Kong by joining this Blogger Writing Contest of #HKSummerSpectacular. I hope that I can get the free tickets for traveling over there.

My Great Dream for Hong Kong Summer Spectacular

Halal Food is not Diificult To Find

Hong Kong is known as the Buddhism country. However, It also pay attention with the other religion, such as Indonesia which have the majority of Moslem citizens. This country has served the “halal foods” in some restaurants. Halal labels which agreed by Indonesian Moslems Council (MUI). Therefore, we do not need to be worry about the foods over there.

My Great Dream for Hong Kong Summer Spectacular

Before I finish this article, I always remember about the quote of Walt Disney, which said:

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them

If this article is chosen as the winner of Blogger Writing Contest about Hong Kong Summer Spectacular, I will try to build the other great dreams before I pass away. I hope this year is my dream to enjoy #HKSummerSpectacular.

I dedicated this article to join the “Blogger Writing Contest Free Trip to Hongkong 2012”

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