EF #26: Going to Dentist for My Molar

First of all, let me say hello to all participants who have joined this project before. Actually, I always get the information about every theme, but I do not have brave to write. Now, I have to try it because the theme makes me remember complicated moment, especially about my teeth and dentist of course.

Well, let me start my story ^_^

In April 2015, I had toothache. That was really my bad day. I had bad experience about toothache actually, when I was in junior high school. So, in that time I had promised to myself to keep my teeth well. However, the reality, I had to meet toothache again.

Because of I live in small town, it was quite difficult to find dentist. When I got, I had to pay much money just for checking. The dentist did not say anything before and gave me some medicines and let me went home. I wanted to ask but the dentist must go out with her husband. Therefore, I went home by bringing the medicines. After arriving at home, I told my husband about that. He wanted me to change dentist. I had to go to clinic in hospital. However, the consequence was I had to be patient for the queue. Yeah, that time I used my BPJS for my teeth for the first time.

Actually, I never angry or tired for the queue. Because I knew my capacity as citizen ^_^ something that I felt uncomfortable was just about the persons who took my archives for BPJS. The work performance of them was too slowly. I did not know why like that. Besides that, I also did not why they just keep silent if the dentist was in holiday. If they told me, I did not need to wait the long queue. I felt sad to see my baby was in the hospital for a long time. Although it was free, I was still uncomfortable if the service like that.

After waiting about 1-2 weeks, my teeth (especially my molar) was extracted. When I met the dentist, I told everything I felt. I also asked her to explain what happened on my molar actually. Because, I always keep them well. I also use the best toothpaste and control my teeth every six month. However, my teeth always get the trouble. Therefore, I have lost two of my molars.

EF #26: Going to Dentist for My Molar

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Now, my teeth are okay. Wish I never felt toothache again. Going to dentist needs much money. Yeah, that is right if dentist is one of expensive job. In addition, I always pray for my baby’s teeth never face trouble like me. How about your story?

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