Oxygen is the third element that is found most abundantly in the sun, and play a role in the carbon-nitrogen cycle, which is a process that is thought to be a source of energy in the sun and stars. Oxygen under excited conditions of bright red and yellow-green on the Aurora Borealis.

Oxygen is an element of gas, up 21% of the volume of the atmosphere and is obtained by melting and refining stratified. The atmosphere of Mars contains about 0.15% oxygen. in the form of elements and compounds, oxygen content reaches 49.2% by weight of the lining of the earth’s crust. About two-thirds of the human body and nine-tenths of water is oxygen.

In the laboratory, can be prepared by electrolysis of water or by heating KClO3 with MnO2 as a catalyst.

Oxygen has nine isotopes. Natural oxygen is a mixture of three isotopes.

Oxygen atom weighs 18 which is present in nature are stable and available for commercial purposes, such as in water (H2O with the isotope content of 18 to 15%). Commercial oxygen consumption in the United States is estimated to reach 20 million tons per year and is expected to continue to increase.

The use of oxygen at the steel smelting furnace is the highest usage. Significant amounts are also required in the production of ammonia gas, methanol, ethylene oxide and oxy-acetylene welding.

Air Separation (distillation) to produce gas with a purity of 99%, whereas only 1% electrolysis


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