[iCanCourse] Mush’ab Bin Umair: Bought Paradise by Selling The World

Mush’ab Bin Umair: Bought Paradise by Selling The World – Maybe this is the time to improve my writing in English. By joining the class of iCanCourse, I hope it will be realized. The first challenge of my class is writing about the person who inspired me about Islam. His name is Mush’an bin Umair.

Maybe anyone think that why I choose him for this challenge? My answer is so simple. Of course, he inspired me about something and it makes me be proud to be a Muslimah. Have you ever heard his name too? Or is the Korean actor more interesting than him? Hmm… so pity Mush’ab is. He struggled to keep Islam and Faith in his heart, but only a few Muslim(ah) knew about his history. And maybe by this writing I want to try to remind us again about him.

Mush’ab Bin Umair: Bought Paradise by Selling The World

If you read the title of this article, I think some of you have known that Mush’ab was the rich man. Because he could buy the paradise. Yes, it is right. He was born from the rich family in Jahiliyah period. His parents, especially his mother, really loved him much. He also grew up be a handsome man who never wore bad clothes. Many teenagers liked him well. That was why his mother protected him. She never made his son was in problem situation.

The Prophet of Muhammad said: “I’ve never seen anyone in Mecca who had neater hair, the nicest clothes, and most were given enjoyment, apart from Mus’ab bin Umair.” (HR. Hakim)
He is a descendant of the rich young man of Quraysh, his complete name is Mush’ab bin Umair bin Hasyim bin Abdu Manaf bin Abdud Dar bin Qushay bin Kilab al-Abdari al-Qurasyi.

Mus’ab bin Umair who lived in ignorance, idolaters, khamr addict, fan parties and singing, Allah let the light in his heart, so he was able to distinguish which the right religion and where the religion is distorted. Which teachings of a prophet or where just heritage was. By himself, he determined and encouragement to embrace Islam. He came to the Prophet Muhammad in the house of al-Arqam and declared his faith.

Then Mus’ab hide his Islam  form another friend. It was done to avoid intimidation of Qurais. In difficult circumstances, he continued to attend assemblies Messenger to increase his knowledge about the new religion which he embraced. The Prophet Muhammad made him became “Shahabat” of the deepest knowledge of him. Then the Prophet Muhammad sent him to Medina to preach there.

But, Mush’ab had to face his mother’s opposition. His mother was angry and gave him punishment. No more enjoyment for Mush’ab’s life. He had to live without any special facilities from his family again. Did it make Mush’ab give up? No. He accepted what his family did to him. In his heart just thought how to get Allah’s love with his faith. He sold all of his world just for getting honor.  In the end of his life, Mush’ab was so pity with his condition. He died with shroud that was not enough to cover his body. Even though we had known that he came from rich family. The price of shroud was certainly not expensive in that time.

The Lesson from the Story of Mush’ab bin Umair

Everything in this world is just for a while. We have to remember what the purpose of Allah creates us. We need to introspect our selves. Have we done everything that Allah wants? Or we are complacent with all the glitzy world. Mush’ab was willing to leave the luxury of life for HIS love. How about us?

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